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Japanese Head Spa

7Heaven Wellness Head Spa School presents a fresh possibility for your growing beauty business.

Since the brand first launched in Japan over 20 years ago, it has been promoting Japan's superior health and beauty methods and hospitality across the globe.  Known for their proprietary Head Spa Techniques and their extensive knowledge of the acupressure points of the head, 7Heaven Wellness Technicians can assess a body condition from merely touching and massaging the head, delivering the health and ultimate relaxation benefits their clients desire in just one treatment.  7Heaven Wellness offers services in treatment-focused settings, such as clinics, spas, and salons, and is currently servicing numerous global celebrities through partnerships with upscale hotels and spas in Los Angeles, Sapporo and Niseko.

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​Up coming class

Master Kaori's exclusive Class in June

Join us in Los Angeles this June for an extraordinary opportunity to learn from the renowned authority in the Head Spa Techniques – Master Kaori herself! There are only five spots available, so act fast!Master Kaori, revered for her mastery of the Head Spa Technique, will be leading an exclusive master class.  She is the expert behind the training of all our esteemed 7Heaven Wellness Technicians.

Highly sought-after for her treatments, Master Kaori is a trusted instructor favored by celebrities in Japan and the US alike.Book your spot now for an unforgettable learning experience with Master Kaori! Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to build your wellness skills and enhance your own business.

​Master Instructor from Japan

​Kaori Okamoto

Kaori, the co-founder of 7Heaven Wellness and 7Heaven Wellness Head Spa School mastered the unique Head Spa Techniques that swiftly assesses the body's condition, enhances blood circulation, and balances energy and vibrations. With just her fingertips, she can discern her client’s bodily state and identify prevailing ailments.  She has spent her career dedicated to helping her clients improve their body to maintain optimal health and performance at all times.  

With over 20 years of experience, Kaori oversees the training of all technicians and serves as our most popular technician and instructor. She continues to attract celebrities from around the world who visit Japan, and her skills profoundly impact the lives of both clients and therapists alike.


Class Contents

The 7Heaven Wellness Head Spa Program will provide you the 3 Essential Ts for mastering the Head Spa Techniques and becoming a confident Japanese Head Spa therapist:

  1. Theory-based Education 
2.  Evidence-based                   Techniques…
3.  Comprehensive
​     Hands-on


As a student in the program, you will be emersed in a four (4) 90 minute sessions covering the following 4 theories:

①Blood flow and edema

②Breathing and brain mechanism

③Vibration sleep

④Acupoint techniques


As a student in the program, you will learn the 3 primary techniques used by a Head Spa Therapist.  

①Acupoint approach (Shiatsu, slide, lift, 7.83Hz, vibration)

②Increase blood flow and understand the connection between mind and body

③Edema and muscle fixation


Under direct, one-on-one, supervision by Kaori, you will hone each of the 3 techniques during 4 training sessions (per technique), each session lasting 90min.  In addition, following the completion of the in-person program, you will continue to master your newly learned skills by participating in 3 virtual training sessions, each lasting 60 minutes.

​New carrier

Our students are actively engaged in the beauty industry, seeking to enhance their careers through the acquisition of the Head Spa Techniques. Estheticians, chiropractors, masseuses, and hairdressers alike are discovering that adding head spa skills to their repertoire significantly boosts customer satisfaction and encourages repeat visits. Additionally, mastering Japan'srenowned techniques and hospitality enables them to offer services that distinguish them and their business from the competition.

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