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Our company, 7Heaven Wellness, draws inspiration from the"7th Heaven," the most blissful abode where God and the noblest of angels dwell. Operating within the beauty, service and education sectors, we specialize in creating customized plans to guide you towards the happiness you seek.

We prioritize seeking insights over merely addressing customer needs. Rather than focusing solely on who you aspire to become, we explore what activities you envision once you achieve your desired state.

Our services are tailored to assist you in achieving those objectives. By enrolling in our school, you can acquire the skills to manifest the ideal self you imagine.

The priceless joy of witnessing your once-idealized dreams materialize into reality is truly fulfilling.

At 7Heaven Wellness, we are dedicated to facilitating each individual's journey towards their unique definitions of happiness and desired destinations. Every new client experiencing the marvels of"7th Heaven" contributes to making a significant impact. This is the essence of 7Heaven Wellness.

Manasa Okamoto

Manasa is the General Manager and Co-Founder of 7Heaven Wellness.  In her role as General Manager,

she focuses on managing an elite team of technicians, and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the spa with a focus on customer service that meets Japanese-quality standards.  As a Co-Founder, Manasa serves as the brand ambassador, exploring new opportunities for both location and product/service growth, and building new hospitality partnerships across each of the Wellness locations in Niseko Japan, and Los Angeles.

​Kaori Okamoto

Kaori is the original technician and Co-Founder of 7Heaven Wellness.  Kaori specializes in our proprietary head spa treatment, quickly assessing the condition of the body, improving the blood circulation, and performing energy and vibrational adjustments.  With over 20 years of experience, Kaori oversees the training of all technicians and is the most sought-after technician, resulting in a long list of repeat clients over the years.


I've been into her treatment lately.

Taking amazing B1 water from my scalp and feels so fresh after detox my body.



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