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Japanese Serenity Experience the Ultimate Full-Body Massage and Head Spa Retreat

7Heaven Wellness

At 7Heaven Wellness, we harness the transformative power of relaxation and rejuvenation.  Our meticulously crafted head spa and full-body massage treatments offer a peaceful retreat from the demands of daily life, embodying our dedication to excellence.

Our skilled Japanese technicians provide personalized care, creating treatments tailored to each guest's unique needs.  Whether you seek relief from tension or a moment of self-indulgence, our head spa and full-body massages deliver the ultimate sanctuary.

Immerse yourself in an experience that revitalizes your senses and cultivates inner harmony.  Discover the seamless fusion of tranquility and wellness at 7Heaven Wellness. 

Japanese Healing Art

Japanese healing art encompasses a rich tapestry of traditional practices grounded in centuries of holistic wellness, embodying the harmonious balance of body, mind, and spirit.  These time-honored methods have been perfected over generations, offering a gentle yet profoundly effective approach to healing and rejuvenation.

Discover the essence of this ancient art through our signature full-body treatment and head spa, where we blend tradition with contemporary luxury to provide an unparalleled experience.  Let us guide you on a journey to serenity and well-being

​Japanese Head Spa

Our signature menu, Head Spa Treatment is a unique form of head massage originating from ancient Japanese teachings that unite the physical body with the spiritual body and beyond.

During your session, Our specialist, will use propriety techniques to locate bone and muscle misalignments and reset them with therapeutic manipulations while promoting balanced energy flow and brainwave activity.  During the treatment, your body enters a state akin to a brain wave frequency of 7.8Hz, the most relaxed state just before falling asleep.  Let us guide you through this serene journey of renewal and tranquility.

・Cleans of head scalp 

・Restoration of hair quality
・Natural face lift

​・Rejuvenate of look


・Circulation of your blood flow  ・Balance the autonomic nervous system, hormones.

・Help to get quality sleep

・Natural deep breathe

​・Deep relaxation

​・Relieve stress from headaches

In India and Sri Lanka, it is recognized as the official medical treatment by Ayurveda, and it is used in professional medical clinics

Benefits of  Head Spa

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